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How to Manage Moving Related Stressors

Moving can be the most exciting, yet challenging portion of one’s life. It comes with many rewards and new opportunities, but there isn’t reward without a little risk. Here are some helpful tips to keep calm during this new transition:

Get Organized!

Create a spreadsheet or a list of things you want to get accomplished. Putting together a time table or schedule of events helps to get things done while also being cautious of your free time.Grab a portable planner that you can carry around to jot down things as they come to your mind. Keeping track of your timeline and sticking to a list will ensure a stress-free move.

Treat Yourself!

Don’t get lost in the hustle and bustle of planning and packing. Take some time to yourself or with your significant other and enjoy the process. Moving is an exciting time in life full of new opportunities and change. Take time to go out to dinner, or grab a pedicure at your salon. Treating yourself will help you relax and take your mind off the move for a while.

Get Help!

Assign tasks to others who are willing to help you out. Family members, friends, and siblings will understand it is a stressful time, by using them as a resource you are lessening the tasks on your plate to focus on the things you need to do. If necessary, hire help to help you load and unload your items.

Stay Motivated!

Keeping up your day-to-day routine will help you to maintain a regular schedule and healthy habits. Be sure to get plenty of sleep, and eat healthy well balanced meals. Having a positive attitude will not only help you, but others around you during this hectic time. Stay focused, but keep a smile on your face.