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Portable Storage vs Self-Storage – Understanding the Difference

What do moving, remodeling, and de-cluttering all have in common? They have one solution…storage.

There are several storage options to consider. Consumers or businesses can choose from portable storage or a self-storage to help manage the clutter and keep it out of sight.

Portable Storage Units

Portable storage containers are the convenient, hassle free way to move. Take your time packing as moves are based around your schedule. The container is delivered directly to your driveway or location, you pack it up, and it is moved to the new location or the storage facility to sit in between transitions. Portable storage units are completely secure, waterproof, and indestructible.

Portable Storage Pros:

  • Several size options
  • More affordable than self-storage
  • Timeframe based on your schedule
  • Ground level easy access
  • Delivered directly to you
  • One load, and unload
  • Weatherproof, waterproof, rodent proof
  • Access to belongings while in storage

Portable Storage Cons:

  • May be unable to place unit in tight areas, street locations, alleyways
  • May be unable to deliver to certain locations, cities, and states
  • May not be temperature controlled (heated or cooled)


Self-storage involves a facility in which you bring your contents to and from. Typically each have a “garage” type unit where you pack and store your contents. They are easily accessible and sometimes climate controlled.

Self-Storage Pros:

  • Easily accessible
  • May be temperature controlled
  • Statewide, several locations to choose from

Self-Storage Cons:

  • Two loads, two unloads
  • Limited sizes
  • More expensive than portable storage
  • Not 100% waterproof or rodent proof
  • Limited convenience, you have to go to them - they don’t come to you

Hopefully this helps your decision making when choosing which storage option is right for you. If you have any questions, give us a call! We’re happy to help!