Portable Storage Container Sizes

Dart Portable Storage containers are a convenient and low-cost solution for all your moving and storage needs. With our prompt delivery service and selection of container sizes, it’s like getting an extra warehouse, garage, or secure storage vault delivered right to your back door.

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15 ft. storage containers | Dart Portable Storage

20 ft. Dart Portable Storage container

25 ft dart portable storage containers

40 ft. Dart Portable Storage container

Keep Your Options Open
And Your Locks Secure

Our corten steel storage units are weatherproof, wind-proof, and virtually indestructible. Each unit is fitted with a secure lock box that uses locking rods to provide maximum protection. Whether you keep the container at your location or send it back to our secure storage yard (that has a camera, gate, and fence), you can rest easy knowing that your belongings or business assets are safe and secure.

Weatherproof mobile storage contaners | Dart Portable Storage

Features of our moving and storage containers:

  • Available for rental or purchase
  • Five sizes: 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, and 40ft
  • Weatherproof, vented, all-steel construction
  • Reinforced plywood floor
  • Ground level access
  • Forklift accessible
  • Waist-high, back-saver handles
  • New containers have easy open, extended handles
  • Extra-strong locking system
  • Doors on one or both ends
  • Quick delivery
  • Additional high-security locks for sale
  • Standard height and high cube sizes available
  • Every storage unit equipped with high security lock box

10 Foot

1-2 bedroom home

15 Foot

1-2 bedroom home

20 Foot

3-4 bedroom home

25 Foot

Perfect for storage during a remodel or renovation (not portable)

40 Foot

Perfect for storage at a construction or retail site (not portable)

Not sure what size container
is right for you?

Our team can assess your need and recommend the right container for your project.

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