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Dart Portable Storage is a low-cost alternative compared to expensive full service movers. Our simple, fast, and convenient process allows you to move your home goods into our ground-level storage unit at your home. You have the flexibility to pack, load, and move at your own pace.

Your Move. Your Pace.

When the big moving day arrives, Dart Transit Company, Minnesota’s largest on-time premier trucking company will deliver our storage unit to your home for packing. Once the storage container has been loaded and packed, Dart will come back, pick up the storage unit and redeliver to your new house for unloading. You load it, we move it, and you save big!

Stress-Free Moving Service

If you need the storage unit long term we are your best solution. Whether you want to take time looking for a new home, or you are remodeling and need to get goods out of the house and into storage, we can arrange another option of picking up the loaded storage unit and bringing it to our high security yard. Our yard provides security, with a camera, gate and fence.

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Maximum Flexibility. Minimum Hassle.

Our units are made out of COR-TEN Steel, offering the ultimate in security, and a nearly indestructible, strong storage unit. All of our storage units have a steel lock box on the back doors, waist-high, back-saver handles, they are vented, with an extra-strong locking bar system. Add a high-grade lock and you’ll rest easy knowing your valuables are well-protected. In addition, some storage units have doors on both ends for even faster loading and extra convenience. It’s like getting a warehouse, garage, or storage vault delivered to your back door.

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Dart Portable Storage has excellent, exemplary customer service where you will get “Minnesota nice”. We know what is going on with your order, and we give you real and correct answers to your questions. Our competitors have call centers not located in Minnesota, offering lackluster information. We are available for you, and provide fast, efficient, accurate updates on the status of your delivery. We are here to serve you, and with some of the best prices in the industry.


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