What you should know when using Dart Portable Storage containers:

You the customer are solely responsible for any loss or damage to your goods, whether the result of natural acts, moisture intrusion, the acts of third parties, or damage to your goods. Dart Portable Storage and Dart Transit Company are not responsible for loss or damage to your goods. However we want to help minimize the risk of storing your goods in our equipment.

1) You are responsible for loading, packing, securing, and unloading. DPS and Dart Transit Company are NOT responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to your goods during loading, unloading, transporting, or storing your goods.

a) The containers are slightly tilted during loading and unloading so pack your goods accordingly. The containers are lifted onto and off trucks for transport. It is imperative that you package and secure your goods properly to protect them against damage. Use straps for bigger, bulkier items like appliances and furniture to securely attach the items to the walls.

b) Pack fragile items carefully. If you have anything fragile such as crystal, china or sentimental breakables, pack these items in bubble wrap in a solid box. Place these boxes in a higher, well-packed, steady location. Consider blankets to protect from scratches and dents during shifting. We do not recommend storing especially valuable, irreplaceable or delicate items in the Equipment.

2) The Equipment is not climate-controlled. Temperature changes outside could impact goods inside the Equipment. Condensation can form or even mold over very long periods of time. Items can freeze, melt or warp as temperatures fluctuate and seasons change.

3) You provide your own locks. You must provide your own locks to protect your goods from theft loss. DPS is not responsible for theft loss of your goods. When you store goods in some of our containers, you can take advantage of the lock box feature. Ask your sales person for more information about ways to securely lock DPS Equipment.

4) You insure your goods & the Equipment. Protecting your property in storage is YOUR responsibility. Once again, we recommend you do not store especially valuable, irreplaceable or delicate items in the Equipment. In any event, we recommend you insure your goods. DPS DOES NOT INSURE YOUR GOODS. Most homeowners and renter’s policies provide coverage for goods in storage, limited to a percentage of the total policy amount. Be aware of your insurer’s limitations.

5) If you default, we may reclaim our Equipment & sell your goods at auction. You are in default if you fail to pay any invoice. Upon default, DPS’ lien on your property shall attach, and DPS shall have the right to: a) reclaim the Equipment without further notice, b) deny you access to some or all of your goods after a set date, and c) treat some or all of your goods as abandoned property.

In the event DPS reclaims its Equipment, you remain responsible for your balance due plus reasonable attorney’s fees, transportation costs of retrieving the Equipment, expenses associated with disposing of, or selling, any items inside, costs of collection of any amounts due, and any other amounts due under Agreement. Dart and DPS will not be responsible for any damage to contents, including but not limited to any damage arising out of the repossession of the Equipment. For Equipment stored at a DPS yard, neither the Equipment nor its contents will be returned except as required by law until you have satisfied all debts and paid all charges, including final transportation.

Stored goods may be sold at public auction if charges are not paid in full and on time. It is your responsibility to notify us in writing of any changes in your billing, pick up, or delivery address as soon as possible to ensure proper billing and notification. A failure to enforce any provision of this Agreement by DPS or Dart shall not be considered continuing or a waiver or preclude subsequent enforcement.

6) Caution & Care Required. Equipment doors are big and heavy. The Equipment doors do not open from the inside; they can only be opened from the outside. If you enter the Equipment, please be aware of this risk! Anytime you enter the Equipment make sure you have someone else on the outside of the Equipment, the doors securely braced open, and/or a cell phone to call for help in an emergency. DPS will not be responsible for any injury (including death), loss, or damage arising from your entry into the Equipment.

7) 3rd Party House Movers. If you use a DPS referred house mover to load, unload, and/or package your goods DPS is not responsible for any claims, issues or damages that take place concerning the loading, unloading, securing and/or packaging of your goods. Customer/mover problems must be taken up with the house movers. DPS only provides the Equipment for lease or rent and has no control over other service providers.

8) The Equipment & Your Property

a) Delivery Trucks and DPS Equipment are heavy and can damage soft surfaces. Consider where you want the Equipment positioned to limit impact on your property. DPS and Dart Transit Company always take precautions to avoid damaging your property. However, DPS and Dart Transit Company are NOT responsible for any damage that may occur to your driveway or other part of your property.

b) Help ensure a safe pick-up and delivery. When Equipment is being picked up or delivered to your property or street keep pets, children and other objects safely away from the delivery vehicles. Please assist the driver in making a safe delivery for everyone.

c) Keep Equipment free of snow and debris. Should there be heavy snow burying the Equipment, it is up to you to clear the snow. Likewise, the front of the Equipment must be free of snow banks or other obstruction or debris when it is time to pick up the Equipment. If we must move the Equipment because of applicable laws, weather, or safety reasons, we may do so without notice. In that case you will be responsible for the cost of moving the Equipment, and DPS and Dart Transit will not be responsible for any loss or damage to your contents.

d) Landlords have to approve Equipment. If you live in a rental property we need permission from the property owner or manager to deliver onto the property. You will be responsible for getting such permission from the property owner or manager.

e) Weather emergencies and street use: In the event of flooding or other severe weather that jeopardizes your goods, it is important for you to contact us so we can assist you in moving the Equipment and protecting your goods. We can’t guarantee a solution, but we can try to work something out. You will be responsible for the costs of transportation. Street use permits are required for the city of Minneapolis and St Paul. Street permits do not cover street cleaning and snow removal. You are responsible for any citations or costs while your container is on the street.

9) Access to Equipment.

a) Keep your account current. We reserve the right to refuse entry to our yard if you’re behind in your payments to us or if you otherwise disrupt business operations. If you are late with your Equipment rent, we reserve the right to lock the Equipment with our own lock, retrieve the Equipment at your expense, and sell your items at public auction in accordance with applicable laws.

b) Appointments are needed to get in Equipment on our yard. If loaded Equipment is delivered to our secure yard and later you need access to it, you may enter our yard and get into the Equipment provided (1) you are current with your lease payments and (2) you make an appointment at least 1 business day in advance. Be aware that semi-trucks operate in this area; be mindful of the space they need. We are not liable for injury or damage due to any situation in our yard.